Our Ministry

The purpose of Expolit is to promote the growth and development of the Christian industry on a global scale.  We believe in taking the Word of God to all parts of the world through literature, music, and any other product that spreads His transforming message. We seek to encourage and motivate editorial companies, the music industry, ministries, distributors, etc, so that books, music, and similar products, can be attainable to the public.  For this reason, every year we carry out this great gathering in Miami, of exhibitions, training seminars, diverse workshops, general conferences, and concerts, in which key and renown speakers, authors, Christian artists participate.  A whole ministry servicing the Hispanic community. Expolit is an innovative event; it’s a transforming experience for anyone involved in the Christian industry.  The newly updated Double Tree Hotel and MACC Center in Miami, Florida, will once again be the headquarters for Expolit 2018, that this year will be held on August 9 to 12 2018.

We are sure that your participation will give you the opportunity to network and to reaffirm the goals of your organization and ministry.